Just Released: United by Drones, book 1 in the Drones series.

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Now available Book 1 in the Drones series on Amazon.

First 3 books in the Llanelyn series also available on Amazon.

Latest Short Story, King Tide Chaos, now available on Amazon.


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United by Drones
United by Drones
Released 4 May 2023

When Dr. Abigail Lindell sold the design for her fly drone three years ago, she never expected it to cause mass chaos worldwide. But the drone her ex brought to her lab was unmistakably her design, only now very real. And very deadly.

With the help of old friends and new, Abby aids the FBI, the US Air Force, and the CDC with the hunt for the madman behind the worldwide attacks. Fortune is against her and more countries succumb to chaos as the madman executes his playbook. No one is safe anywhere.

In over her head and in a race against time, when the world goes dark due to a terrorist attack, Abby and her friends hunt for the elusive culprit. Even average people, when thrown into extraordinary circumstances, can make a difference. At least she hopes they can.


King Tide Chaos
appears in
Virginia Writers Club Golden Nib 2023

Available on Amazon

A true experience from Topsail Island, NC about helping to babysit 130 loggerhead turtle hatchlings one dark night.


Also available: the Llanelyn series

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Released short stories

A Classic Mistake
appears in
WbtR Anthology Cover
Released 13 January 2023
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Released 18 April 2017
The Masked Wedding
appears in
coming soon
Release 25 June 2023
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